Broken for good

It’s hard to focus on my safety net once I’ve placed myself somewhere without the “normal” I am blessed enough to have. After experiencing the loss and lack of hope, what have I to complain about? How can I do more to help those around me where I’m at? Why can’t I relax? Mayhaps God is calling me to keep moving. The mission doesn’t end in Detroit. It’s here in our own towns and communities.

Mission Minded Mama


“Back and broken?”  That was the text I received from my sister.  Yes, broken…

A broken heart.  Broken by the people of Detroit who have no hope.  We walked around an inner city neighborhood for two days inviting all to our community carnival on Thursday. Then showered them with love on that day.  And a few of the responses were “Why? Why us? Why here? Do you know where you are?” That hurt..


Those living in the inner city have been made to feel less than, that they are undeserving.  That hurts… 

I woke up the next morning, headed home, replaying the conversations, tears streaming down my face, wondering, what more can I do?  Why aren’t we doing more?  This hurts…

Some children didn’t even look me in the eyes when I talked to them, head down the whole time, that hurts…  I was able to make many smile. Looking…

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