Love Letter

This is so precious… and helps give me peace of mind for how to handle this type of situation when I become a momma. Until then, I’ll be praying that my future husband will show this love to hia future children, protecting them and building them up ♡


Well it happened. Our sweet girl came home proclaiming her love for a little boy in her class. We honestly had no idea how to react! Our daughter has never really been boy crazy, with the exception of her Daddy. She told him as soon as he picked her up from school. At first he was in shock and didn’t really know what to say. She could tell that he seemed disappointed. This is not too far from the truth, but his disappointment was not in her. He, like me, thought we had more time before the first crush. More time to teach her about her first love, Jesus. More time for Daddy to be her man. This little crush is probably harmless and maybe even be over already, but it got us thinking. We need to be more intentional in speaking with our daughter about romantic love. We talk…

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